TeleScript Pharmacy was born from a realization that many patients were failing to pick up their medications following their recent visit with the prescribing physicians. We found a way to streamline the whole process in order to make it easier for everyone to heal.


Through our interventions and medication management protocols, we’re doing more than just providing medication. We care about patients' well-being, and aim to do everything in our power in order to make sure they are receiving the treatment they need and deserve. With our professional staff of pharmacists and associates and a personal touch, we’re accomplishing the mission we set out to achieve: we’re helping the sick get better.​

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Brent Edelcup, Pharm.D., RPh 
President & CEO

Dr. Edelcup grew up in the northern suburbs of Chicago and attended Indiana University where he studied Pre-Pharmacy. He went on to graduate with his Doctorate in Pharmacy from Roosevelt University College of Pharmacy. Upon the realization of the current shortcomings in the delivery of healthcare and pharmacy services, Dr. Edelcup went on to develop TeleScript Pharmacy with the intention of improving the overall level of convenience and care patients receive when acquiring their medications.